Drive leads and close deals with our Cold
Email & LinkedIn Outreach services across the UK, EU, and the US.
We’ll craft your strategy, write compelling emails, find the right contacts, and launch your campaign. Get live access to analytics and a master inbox.
Our clients
Drive leads and close deals with our Cold
Email & LinkedIn Outreach services across the UK, EU, and the US.
We’ll craft your strategy, write compelling emails, find the right contacts, and launch your campaign. Get live access to analytics and a master inbox.
Our clients
What We Mean by a Lead
In our terms, a lead is someone who has either scheduled a call with your manager or shown clear interest in your product (signed up for a free trial, responded with specific inquiries, etc.)
Why Our Cold Outreach Works
We write emails that don't annoy people
We've been doing daily outreach since 2018. This gives us a keen eye for what works and what doesn't for your business.

That's why we're great at writing emails that clearly explain why people should work with you and encourage many to start a conversation.
Identifying those who genuinely need your product
We use various tools, including GPT-4, to find the right companies and people.
We scrape and enrich data with additional insights such as industry focus, job openings, investments, traffic, and more.
We consolidate data into a single CRM, cleaning out unnecessary clutter like emojis, LLCs, and slogans in names.
We hunt down and validate emails.
We send emails and follow-ups.
Skilled at scaling LinkedIn Outreach
We can offer you rental access to LinkedIn accounts of real individuals with verified IDs.
One less bottleneck! :)
Extracting even complex buying intent signals from companies worldwide:
From website and social media content
Growing and stagnating
Young companies and market leaders
Funded or fundraising companies
Leveraging specific tech stacks or software
With specific product features or unique pricing
Dominating a specific department
Google News and LinkedIn posts
Locations mapped out
Job openings
Social media accounts
Newly launched startups
Website traffic
Loading speed
App downloads and mobile app revenue
Any signals from G2 and Capterra
E-commerce data
Licenses, certificates, and declarations
Tender participants
Leasing clients
Manufacturers and suppliers
Asset availability
99+ others, and we're constantly searching for new ones every day!
You see our work 24/7
Whom and what we write
You have a link to each person and their email inbox. It can be exported to a CSV.
We abide by the principle of full transparency, so we provide an analytics dashboard where you can see in real-time:
Their responses to us and their statuses
From all emails into a unified Master Inbox, which can serve as the CRM for the Outbound Marketing department.
All figures in live mode
Number of unique recipients, unique reads, unique responses, leads, conversion rates between these stages, A/B test results.
What we take care of
Briefing your team, product analysis, and gathering key insights to create a powerful cold pitch
Creating an outbound sales strategy for your product
Formulating hypotheses and segments (Ideal Customer Profile) with the highest chances of success
Domain selection and purchase
Email registration and DNS setup (DKIM, DMARC, SPF, MX, CTD)
Email inbox warm-up for you
Writing conversion email sequences for Email and LinkedIn
Gathering relevant companies and individuals
Corporate email search
Email validation (verifying if they actually exist)
Setting up all necessary infrastructure and software to achieve an Open Rate of 70% and above
Email sorting, status labeling, and forwarding leads to the Sales Department
Analyzing data and drawing insights
Summarizing interim results and adjusting strategy
Calculation of decomposition (how much to write and what is needed for this) to reach the required number of calls per month
We're totally in the loop with all the latest bizdev and Cold Outreach tools and trends. We road-test everything before rolling it out for you. No project is a go unless we're 100% sure.
Experienced B2B marketer with over 8 years of experience. Expert at FRII, helping startups test hypotheses without a marketing department. Launches B2B products in international markets, including through Cold Outreach.
Implements clients' strategies in practice, provides reports, and oversees the work of contractors (SDRs, RevOps, copywriters, proofreaders, managers).
Since 2014, he's been in B2B sales and Business Development, expanding to the UK, EU, and US since 2018. As Co-founder of Coders Valley (UK), he manages all business development, achieving 150-200 monthly leads via Cold Outreach, with a 70% conversion rate to calls. Over 3 years, he's placed 200 CIS developers in UK firms, building a loyal client base.
Within the agency, he assists in crafting a strategy tailored specifically to your niche and product.
More facts about us
Ведем популярный блог по Cold Outreach.
Консультируем по 50+ бизнесов в год.
Обучили 100+ фаундеров, маркетологов и биздевов.
Варианты сотрудничества
Создание вашей Outbound-стратегии
Формирование сегментов и поиск проспектов (ЛПРов)
Написание конверсионных писем
Покупка и настройка необходимой инфраструктуры (домены, почты, прогрев, валидация, дата-провайдеры и пр.)
Доступ к дашборду с аналитикой в режиме live
Cold Email Outreach
Cold LinkedIn Outreach. Работаем на ваших аккаунтах и даем свои в аренду (€130 в мес).
Доступ к Master Inbox (вы видите ответы со всех доменов и LinkedIn-аккаунтов в одном месте в режиме live)
Мониторинг ответов, проставление статусов, доведение до звонка
Корректировка стратегии, пересбор гипотез и запуск новых итераций
Проведение звонков в Zoom с лидами на русском или английском языках
Работа в вашей CRM и доведение сделки до оплаты
* - Весь необходимый софт (домены, почты, прогрев, парсинг, обогащение, поиск и валидация емейлов, отправка) и работа SDR-ов включены в стоимость.

** - Минимальный пилот по Cold Outreach – 2 месяца.

*** - Возможна оплата в рублях, евро, долларах.

Leads / Appointments
Appointments + Sales Closer
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€4 500
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