Cookie Policy

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What Are Cookies
Cookies are tiny files downloaded to your computer to enhance your website experience. This page explains what information they gather, how we use it, and why we may need to store these cookies.

How We Use Cookies
Cookies are used for various reasons. Disabling cookies may affect site functionality. It's recommended to leave them on if unsure.

Disabling Cookies
You can prevent cookies by adjusting your browser settings. However, this may impact website functionality.

The Cookies We Set
  • Account related cookies: Manage signup process and administration.
  • Login related cookies: Remember login status to avoid frequent logins.
  • Email newsletters related cookies: Remember subscription status for notifications.
  • Orders processing related cookies: Essential for e-commerce order processing.
  • Surveys related cookies: Used for user surveys and questionnaires.
  • Forms related cookies: Remember user details submitted through forms.

Third Party Cookies
  • Google Analytics: Tracks site usage for improving content.
  • Third-party analytics: Measures site usage for content improvement.
  • Testing new features: Ensures a consistent experience during feature testing.
  • Social media buttons/plugins: Connects with social networks, setting cookies for profile enhancement.
More Information
If unsure, it's safer to leave cookies enabled. For further information, contact us at