Generating appointments through Cold Outreach in the UK, EU, and U.S.
We take care of the BizDev strategy, text, emails and finding the contacts, and you get appointments from potential clients.
Our clients

Examples of the responses we get

Why our BizDev services work
We write emails that don't annoy people
We've been doing Outreach every day since 2018. This gives us a certain amount of insight into what may or may not work for you.

So we get to write emails that lucidly explain to people why they should work with you and encourage many to engage in a dialog.
Finding the people who really need your product
  • Find the right companies and people
  • Scrape data
  • Collate it into a single CRM
  • Clean all unnecessary stuff (e.g. emoji or slogan in the company names)
  • Enrich prospects with additional information
  • Find and validate emails
  • Send emails
Know how to scale LinkedIn Outreach
We can rent you LinkedIn accounts of real people, with verified IDs.

One less bottleneck to deal with!:)
We know how to pull out even the most complex signals of intent to purchase from companies around the world:
  • By the words on their website and social networks
  • Growing and stagnating companies
  • Young companies and market leaders
  • Companies that are raising investments
  • Usage of a specific tech stack or software
  • Companies with specific product features or specific pricing
  • Companies with a large number of employees in a particular department
  • Google news and LinkedIn posts
  • Physical addresses on maps
  • Vacancies
  • Social media accounts
  • New CEOs
  • New startups
  • Website traffic
  • Download speed
  • Mobile App downloads and revenue
  • Any signals with G2 and Capterra
  • E-commerce data
  • Licences, certificates and declarations
  • Tenderers
  • Leaseholders
  • Manufacturers and suppliers
  • Property owners
  • 99+ others and we are looking for new ones every day!

24/7 visibility of our work on your projects

We are fully transparent and provide an analytics dashboard for you to see your project and data in real time:
Who and what we send to
You have a link to each person we contact and their email address.
What people reply
From each email in a single Master Inbox that is used as the CRM system for the Outbound marketing department.
All the numbers in live mode
Number of unique recipients, open rate, unique responses, leads, conversions between these stages, A/B test results

The process and how we work

  • Briefing your team, analysing your product and gathering the key messages of your Value Proposition
  • Creating a strategy to sell your product through Outreach
  • Forming hypotheses and segments (Ideal Customer Profile) with the highest chance of success
  • Selecting and purchasing domains
  • Mail registration and DNS configuration (DKIM, DMARC, SPF, MX, CTD)
  • Warming up mailboxes for you
  • Writing conversion email chains for Email and LinkedIn
  • Gathering the right companies and the right people
  • Search for corporate emails (we don't work with personal emails, it's against the law)
  • Validation of emails (do they really exist?)
  • Setting up all necessary infrastructure and software to get an Open Rate of at least 70%
  • Mail parsing, statusing, forwarding leads to the Sales Department
  • Reporting analytics and drawing conclusions
  • Summarising interim results and adjusting the strategy
  • Calculation of decomposition (how much to write and what it takes) to reach the required number of leads per month
We're on top of all the trends, new products, and tools for Cold Outreach. We test it on ourselves before we implement it for you!
  • Andrew
    Since 2014 has been involved in B2B sales and Business Development.

    Co-founder of Coders Valley (UK), where he is responsible for bizdev. The company receives 150-200 leads per month via Cold Outreach, 70% of which convert into calls. As a result, in 3 years it has managed to employ 200 software engineers and build a pool of regular clients.
  • Dina
    A marketing expert with over 8 years’ industry experience. IIDF startup accelerator expert, she helps startups without a marketing team to do bizdev and Go-to-market. Dina specialises in bringing complex B2B products to new markets, including the use of Cold Outreach channels.
More facts about us
We advise 50+ businesses a year.
We have trained 100+ founders, marketers, and business development specialists.
Service Packages and Fees
Leads / Appointments
Appointments + Sales Closer
Strategy development
Formation of segments and prospecting for each of them
Writing converting emails
Setting up the necessary infrastructure (domains, emails, warm-up, validation)
Access to dashboard with live analytics
Cold Email Outreach
Cold LinkedIn Outreach. Your accounts or ours (€130 per month).
Access to Master Inbox (you see replies from all inboxes and LinkedIn accounts in one place)
Response monitoring
Response monitoring
Sales Closer for Zoom Calls
Working in your CRM and bringing the deal to payment
€4500 per month
€6500 per month + %
* Minimum Cold Outreach pilot is 2 months.

**All necessary software is included in the price.
Next steps

Free Evaluation session

Commercial proposal with specific deadlines and commitments

Contract signing and prepayment

Briefing your team and preparing the infrastructure
Launching Cold Outreach
Progress reports and strategy adjustments

Results of the 2-month pilot and the transition to a pay per lead agreement or a new contract

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